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It’s time for the Panthers to upgrade
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their uniforms When the Panthers updated their uniforms in 2012 Youth Rashaan Gaulden Jersey , they made a few subtle changes to the logo, word font and shade of blue, and a lot of fans were disappointed at the meager effort to bring the franchise out of the firm grasp of 1973. But hey, at least we didn’t make our jerseys look like a big ass alarm clock, right?Charles McDonald from SB Nation spoke with artist Nate James about which uniforms in the NFL could use an upgrade, and James broke down the uniforms into three categories: Outdated Modernism, Nike Hatchet Jobs, and Fauxbacks. For the sake of this column Stitched Rashaan Gaulden Jersey , let’s examine what James had to say about the Panthers uniforms (yes — the Panthers are in need of a uniform upgrade) and then make our own suggestions of how new owner David Tepper can improve on a design that hasn’t changed much since 1995.Here’s what James had to say about the Panthers, who were included in the Outdated Modernism category:I think James makes a good point. The Panthers have a good base to work with. A few subtle changes would really make a difference, though. But what should those changes be? Let’s name a few, shall we?Can we please get a black helmet?This shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish. Just take the silver ones and paint them black. I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve never seen a panther with a silver head. We’ve all seen the image below on CSR, but wouldn’t that make an amazing helmet for the Panthers to wear? Please, Mr. Tepper... make this happen.nikeblog.comDrop the silver pants and use black/white/blue onesA lot of fans love the all-black look that debuted in 2012, and while I am notorious on this website for thinking it’s overrated Youth Donte Jackson Jersey , I do believe that if a majority of fans want the team to wear all black, they should at least entertain the idea. I’ve also defended my position by saying that the black pants would look better if they made a few changes, which brings me to my next suggestion...Remove the comically large stripes on the pants1995 called, and they want their wide tapered stripes back. The Panthers’ uniforms would look 1000% better if they did something about those ugly stripes on the pants. Literally any change would be an improvement, but here’s one suggestion:the313connection.wordpress.comIsn’t that so much better? In fact, those could be the actual uniforms if not for two small changes: the stripe on the helmet and the number/letter font. Speaking of which...Update the number font to the 21st centuryIt’s not 1973 anymore. We don’t need to use standard block numbers on the jersey. We need something fresh, something different. Something... unique. Something like this:sportslogos.netThis also goes back to the point above about changing the striping — the Panthers could follow this template and the uniform would look a lot better. These small changes would go a long way towards updating the Panthers’ uniforms while keeping the elements that have been present from the beginning. And like James said, they don’t need to do much... just a small update will be sufficient.What do you think Stitched Donte Jackson Jersey , Panthers fans? How would you upgrade the Panthers uniforms? If you’re interested, you can check out some of Nate James’ artwork here. Panthers tight end Greg Olsen said this month that his plan is to play in 2019, but plans can change and two broadcasters are reportedly still trying to persuade Olsen to leave the field.Andrew Marchand of the reports that FOX and ESPN have both made Olsen offers to hire him for the coming season.Marchand reports, via sources who have spoken to Olsen, that any offer would have to come close to the $3.4 million he stands to make from Carolina in 2019 and would have to include “a clear path to even more opportunities.”The FOX job would be a game analyst role, although what team he’d be part of is not known at this time. Troy Aikman is the analyst on FOX’s No. 1 Sunday team and also works the Thursday night slate for the network.ESPN’s offer is not clearly defined. The team did part ways with Charles Woodson this offseason and that opened a spot on their pregame team.

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